HCG Diet Side Effects

HCG Diet Side Effects

Many people hear about the HCG Diet and it doesn’t take long before a ton of questions flood their minds.  But the most important questions tend to be if this diet is safe and what side effects are associated with doing the diet.  When they navigate the web for answers they are inundated with conflicting reviews or experiences.  Some say its very safe and others say it’s the most dangerous thing. 

HCG Diet Side Effects from Our Clinic

We are here to set the record straight and guide you in the correct direction.  When doing a simple search on hcg diet side effects, I was surprised to see the following article ranked first: https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/weight-loss/expert-answers/hcg-diet/faq-20058164

We respectfully disagree with this article.  In seven years of helping patients lose weight wit the hcg diet, we have never had any side effects that were major.  In fact, all side effects were minor and short term.  These side effects included hunger, mild headaches, anxiety, and some irritability.  It’s important to mention that these side effects are common in any weight loss program and they are more likely due to your body adjusting to the diet and new foods. 

The article mentions that men or boys (boys don’t do the hcg diet) can develop gynecomastia from taking HCG.  We have not seen this occur in any men in 7 years of practice.  We keep doses at correct levels and we base it on a person’s BMI and BMR. 

The article mentions how hcg can cause dangerous blood clots.  Again, in 7 years of practice we have not had one patient with an issue of blood clots.  The American Urological Association recently released a guideline for physicians to help treat men with low testosterone.  Part of the recommended medications is HCG together with testosterone injections.  This means men take HCG year round! Blood clots is not a concern.  Check out the testosterone replacement therapy guidelines here: https://www.auanet.org/guidelines/testosterone-deficiency-(2018)

HCG Basics

The following website provides better information on hcg injections: https://www.everydayhealth.com/drugs/hcg

This site gives the facts without the extra scare tactics from health professionals who do not have knowledge of recent studies and make false claims to scare people. 

Our final take on hcg is this, we have successfully helped thousands of individuals lose weight and keep it off with little to no side effects.  If you have been considering surgery or other expensive methods of weight loss, then the HCG Diet is something to consider. 

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