Prescription HCG

HCG Prescription

It’s important to know the different types of HCG that is on the market.  Some HCG is prescription, and the other stuff is basically not real HCG.  Many savvy companies’ market amino acids or diuretics and they label the HCG.  The reality is that this is not real prescription grade HCG.  The only way to obtain real prescription HCG in the United States is to get it from a compounding pharmacy.  Licensed HCG Diet clinics work with compounding pharmacies.  This prescription HCG does have a higher cost and rightfully so, you are getting the real thing! List of FDA monitored compounding pharmacies:

If you see any sales online, on Facebook, on Instagram, or any other place for cheap HCG or HCG drops, read the fine print.  You’ll realize its not real hcg.  Another sign of the HCG being fake is that you need an actual prescription from a doctor to obtain real prescription hcg.  So, buying it online easily for a cheap price is a definite sign of its to good to be true.  Here is a perfect example of fake hcg:

If you read the fine print closely, you’ll see that this is not prescription grade.  In fact, they claim its HCG isolate derivative and that the product is “Hormone Free”.  Um hello, real prescription HCG is in fact a hormone.  So, if you are buying anything online for $34 that says hormone free, its fake!

HCG Diet Miami works with excellent compounding pharmacies that are all registered with the FDA.  They include KRS Global, Empower Pharmacy, and Complete Pharmacy.

Krs Global:

Empower Pharmacy:

Complete Pharmacy:

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