Dan’s HCG Diet Story

Dan Lost A Total of 70 Lbs in Two Phases using our advanced HCG diet Protocol. Here is his HCG Diet Story.


Here Is His Remarkable Story!


This is the email I received from Dan…


Hello Javier,

I promised I would write when I completed Round 2 Phase 2 of my HCG protocol. As I mentioned before, I started out at around 285lbs on September 12th 2009, this was not due to being lazy or overeating, though I am sure it contributed to my weight gain. As I mentioned, I was a competitive athlete who had two major knee surgeries and spent 6 months laid up and unable to train or workout.


The only reason I mention this now, is because I think it plays an important role in what I am about to say.


I have been reading your blogs and questions that you receive. I would say without a doubt your response is spot on. But I digress, I am writing to tell you about my success on the 2nd round of my phase 2 diet. As I mentioned I started off 285lbs in September, I had managed to balloon up from 225lbs at 12-14% BF in a matter of a year. Keep in mind, during this year I did nothing but eat and complain about my situation.


I finally got sick and tired of complaining and decided to put forth an honest effort to correct my current disposition.



As I mentioned at the time of my initial email during Christmas Eve, I was down to 240lbs from 285lbs in 6 weeks, I was able to hold the weight through Thanksgiving and up until Christmas. By the beginning of the New Year and the beginning of my 2nd Round on the HCG protocol, I was weighing in at 252lbs after my 3 day gorge.
I was disappointed at the amount of weight I gained in a week, but I was able to drop back down to 240lbs within 3 days after my gorge days. I continued on my protocol, pretty spot on for the next 6 weeks and am currently between 215lbs and 217lbs and trying to stabilize my “new weight”.


I will be 100% honest with you and any reader that reads this post. Though I did not feel the hunger pains or the cravings I felt on my first round, it was tougher mentally for me this round. I did not plateau, I only had to do 1 “apple day” it was a very successful round and I managed to get right where I wanted to be at the end of round 2. But for whatever reason, mentally it was a lot tougher.


I am also finding it harder to stabilize my weight this time. Though I am actually eating cleaner than I had done during my stabilization phase my first go. I also noticed a significant amount of muscle loss this time. My body fat % went down about 4%, but I am smaller now than when I was 225lbs and muscular.
I would cut down to 205lbs to compete and it looked a lot different than the 215lbs I find myself at now. But I expected a tough road, I am not upset or even discouraged at all. I am in the gym daily and maximizing my workouts and working the cardio that I can do. It is so hard to build clean muscle naturally and it is so easy to lose the hard earned muscle. I think for any person to have success with this protocol it requires a complete “life change” approach and not just a “quick fix” approach.


I think anyone attempting this diet needs to understand that it will be very challenging and you need a good amount of discipline to stick it out.


Though you don’t feel “hungry” per say, you do experience food cravings and you do need to ensure you are eating exactly what you are supposed to at the times you are supposed to. Any variation can have a huge negative impact.


I am in my first week of stabilization and once stabilized I will hold the 215-217lbs until May 1st. At that time I will do my final push to hit 195lbs in a short 23 day program. Once I stabilize at 195lbs I will begin my climb back up to 220lbs at 10% BF. I know without a doubt that this is possible, as I have accomplished every goal I have set for myself in regards to the HCG protocol.



I will be sending you pictures shortly of my progress thus far. Keep up the good work my friend.


My email back to Dan,



Hi Dan, all I can say is wow man… What an amazing, honest and detailed outline of your HCG diet experience. I want to thank you for being so honest and candid when sharing your story.


Anyone who reads this post should be inspired by you. I must agree with you that the 2nd round is much more difficult than the first round mentally. I experienced the same thing when I did my 2nd round, and I am currently doing a third one as well.


It have been over sixteen months since I completed the first and second phases. I believe once you experience the success you get from this diet, the fear of never being able to lose the weight is somewhat gone, so being as disciplined can sometime be difficult.


As far as muscle loss… I don’t think there is a diet that exists where some muscle will not be lost; however, HCG Near Me  diet protocol attacks the stored fat until that source is no longer available. I take my hat off to you brother, and I am very proud of you and your accomplishment. I look forward to your before and after pics, and have no doubt you will reach your weight loss goal.


Good luck, Dan, and God bless you man.




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