Best HCG Diet Clinic Near Me

Ever wonder, “Is there an HCG Diet Near Me? Has the HCG Near Me googled search ever come across your mind? Or have you asked, which is the best hcg diet clinic near me?

With HCG Near Me, an HCG Diet Clinic is always near you.  We ship nationwide and our customer service is superb.  Not sure about an online HCG diet clinic? You should do some good research about HCG diet telemedicine companies.

Let us help.

The HCG Diet is effective and very easy to come across.  But often people end up buying fake HCG online or being scammed by people on social media selling either homeopathic HCG or HCG imported illegally from other countries.  We want to help you avoid that.  We prefer you to work with our licensed HCG Diet Center, but we understand the importance of people doing their due diligence.  We want to help you with your HCG Diet Clinic search and help you understand what to look for or what HCG Diet questions to ask when shopping around.


It’s important you understand the difference between real prescription grade hCG, and fake homeopathic over the counter HCG you’ll find at vitamin stores.  Real HCG can only be made in a compounding pharmacy. You want to look for an HCG diet provider that is a licensed US clinic that is using compounding pharmacies that are on the FDA registered facility approved list.  Not all compounding pharmacies are required to register with the FDA.  Work with an online or local HCG Diet clinic that gets HCG or other injectables from FDA monitored and registered compounding pharmacies.


Make sure you know how much HCG you are getting with an advertised program or special.  When getting an HCG program, you will likely be given an HCG vial to draw hcg from.  PLEASE DO NOT GO ANYWHERE THAT GIVES YOU PREFILLED SYRINGES! I REPEAT, NO PREFILLED SYRINGES.  Make sure you get the whole vial which tells you the following:

  1. IU amount (usually 5000 or 6000)
  2. Name of Pharmacy
  3. Expiration date

Prefilled syringes do not give you this very important information.  You prefer to get the whole vial and mix it yourself.  Mixing is very easy.  You basically extract water from one vial and inject it to another.  A good clinic will easily show you how to do this with instructions or a good video.  With prefilled syringes, how do you know that’s really hcg in that syringe and how do you know It was mixed correctly? The wrong amount of mixing solution can really throw your dose and hcg diet results off.


Find out if the hcg diet program or hcg diet kit includes vitamin b12 injections.  Sometimes an hcg diet special or hcg sale is advertised with an attractive price.  Then later you find out you must pay extra for vitamin b12 injections which are very important to any hcg injection program.  MAKE SURE THE B12 IS INCLUDED AND MAKE SURE ITS EITHER HYDROXOCOBALAMIN B12 OR METHYLCOBALAMIN B12.  These are the two more potent and effective types of B12.  Stay away from the cheaper Cyanocobalamin b12.


A good hcg diet clinic will have you fill out an online intake form and follow up with a telemedicine consultation.  Keep in mind HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is not a controlled substance in most of the US states and is not a controlled substance federally with the DEA.  Although blood work is often requested, it’s not necessarily a requirement for this program.  We do not use any controlled substances and a thorough medical evaluation can be made with the medical information provided and a good telemedicine program.


Real hcg is more expensive than fake hcg from overseas or homeopathic hcg.  If you try to save a few bucks online getting the fake or cheap stuff, you’ll get what you paid for.  I hope this helps you make a sound decision when shopping online for the best licensed clinic.


Keep in mind that with us you get a 30-day hcg program for only $295.  This includes hydroxocobalamin b12 and a 6,000IU vial of hcg.  Most other clinics only give you a 5,000IU vial and lower your daily dose of hcg.


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Javier Alejandro

HCG Near Me Founder