How does hcg work?

The *science* behind losing has been established for decades.


And although there is a lot to it, it basically boils down to… eat less food.


Crazy, right? Of course, everyone knows this. So why is obesity a problem that affects so many good, intelligent people? Why can’t they get this part of their life under control?


Because it’s difficult. That’s why.


Most people who need to lose but can’t have tried before. Maybe they dedicated their lives to a plan and really tried to “do it right”.


Still, they didn’t see results.


This is where it can get dangerous.


Because at this point, they can convince themselves that they can’t lose. Maybe it’s their genetics. Maybe it’s their willpower. Maybe it’s just who they are as a person.


Whatever reason, they finally give up.


They stop managing their diabetes and let their blood sugar soar well beyond danger levels. They don’t care what they put into their bodies. And they certainly don’t listen to their bodies crying out with chronic pain.


That’s why I think HCG finally provides a breakthrough for so many people in this exact position: it makes losing easy.


One of the main ways is through hunger management.


The last thing you want is to start a plan and feel starving. If that happens, you’ll almost certainly cheat. Your odds of succeeding crumble at that point.


So the first step in HCG is loading. This is what gets your body in the fat melting mode of ketosis. And it involves eating. A lot.


For two whole days you get to eat delicious fatty foods… and feel good about it. Although it’s a blast at first, after your second day, you’re not even going to want to look at another plate!


So, in the crucial first few days of the plan, before the HCG kicks in, you’re not hungry.


Then when you normally start feeling hungry, the HCG kicks in. Its effects are different for everyone. For some it eliminates all hunger. For others it provides “training wheels” that allow them to get through the days with only minor hunger.


That effect lasts the entire low-calorie phase.


Also, although you are eating less on the plan, you get to eat more than you would on the Original Protocol. It’s enough where you don’t feel like you’re missing out on dinner and you’re losing quickly.


That’s the last point I want to make today: with HCG, you lose fast.


It’s easy to stick to a plan when you lose up to 10 lbs the first week. That gives you the motivation to finish strong.


HCG is simple. I’ve set it up so you can’t fail. We put your mind and body on your side, instead of fighting against you.


The result is fast losses that can last a lifetime.


That’s all for today.


If you want these kinds of results in your life…


Go here now to order your HCG program and lose 20 – 30 lbs.


It’s one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.


Because it works.




Javier Alejandro

Founder HCG Near Me LLC