Were you ever bullied because of your weight?

Has someone ever been mean to you because of your size?


They didn’t know who you were. They didn’t know what you were capable of. They didn’t know where you came from. Yet they were mean and ruthless, cutting you to the core without a moment’s hesitation.


Maybe it happened during your early years at school.


Although we all grow up, these memories don’t necessarily go away. Sure, there is no point in harboring a grudge against someone you haven’t seen or even thought about in decades.


Still, the wounds can remain. And when you look at the mirror, or you hear someone make a rude comment… it can bring you back to those times. At least emotionally.


You may remember the feeling of not measuring up to the world’s harsh standards.


That is a heavy feeling.


And the thing is… I don’t like you feeling that way.


Because it’s not true.


So, here’s a strategy that works: take those old feelings… those old wounds… and use them to give you the last push to get healthy.


If you’ve been reading my emails for any amount of time, you know all about HCG Diet Injections. You know how you can use it to drop 20 – 30 lbs in 5 weeks. You know that even though it isn’t the easiest thing you’ll ever do, you conquer more difficult things daily. Ultimately, the plan is reasonably easy.


After you drop 20 – 30 lbs, people will notice. You’ll get all kinds of compliments. And you might be surprised… some former haters could pop out of the wood work asking for your secret. And you know what? You don’t have to tell them.


HCG can be your secret weapon.


Of course, do what you like. In the HCG community we have a lot of givers. And they are more than happy to show the light to others who desperately need it.


Still, doesn’t it feel good knowing you did something for you?


That you accomplished something you maybe never thought you could?


This fall give the haters something they can’t argue with: results.


Go here now to pick up your HCG program and lose 20 – 30 lbs in just one round.


Phew. I went off in today’s email. I just hate to see people victimized. I hate how some people are treated for their size. Because I am so deep in this community, I know what my customers are like. They are truly great people with real character.


Still, I can’t protect you from a sometimes-cold world.


That’s why I’m telling you… use it as fuel to lose. You get healthy and you get to shove it in the face of everyone who ever doubted you. Of course, maybe you’ll be gentler about it. Up to you!


Take care.


Javier Alejandro

Founder of HCG Near Me LLC